Meet your needs and business challenges thanks to the AI

MIA : why?

Multi prediction

First AI platform allowing multi prediction.

Time gain

This NO CODE platform allows fast parameterization of models to train.

Immediate ROI​

From the very first Use Case.​

interpretable and efficient​

A simple and justified visualization​ of your results.​

Boosted by research

Constant evolution of our engines thanks to research.​

User friendly

Optimized ergonomics for your projects' creation.​

Constant evolution

Each training is automated ​ on your new data​.

Simplified data processing​

All your data is important, ​ regardless of its size.

is the AI customizing and reachable solution reachable for any business.

With Digitalent, we elaborate tailor made AI solutions to match your data to our algorithms of Machine Learning and Deep Learning. 

MIA allows you to optimize and automatize thanks to our ML and DL models. To get an optimal training results reliability, MIA offers many functionalities in order to treat, analyze, and visualize your data.

Mia takes form of various modules

Mia Quality

MIA QUALITY Structure (Shape) and automatize the data quality management.
Mia Visualisation

Visualize and analyse the data behaviour for supporting the decision making
MIA Learning
Machine Learning
Make use of our Machine learning algorithms for a large use cases panel: flow forecasting, pricing forecasting, specificity detection
Deep Learning
Implement the use of Deep learning for the detection and image recognition. Forecast, classify and promote your sizeable data.

Ask for competitive intelligence with our AI, the sense analysis or the textual classification on numerous dematerialized documents.

Chatbot to support you during your project and understand your needs
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Data qualité

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Use cases

KYC automatization:  MIA helps you to fighting fraud, maney laundering and all other fraud operations kind through the KYC part (Know your customer). Use the customer onboarding automatization, the visual recognition, data mining and machine learning to control the suspicious banking movement.

Fraud Detection:  The insurance is struggling and facing a lot of economic loss and fraud (thousand of euros). Use MIA fraud detection and the treatment automatization to face them. Our platform allows to reduct the delays and the processing errors in order to help the cost optimization and team productivity.

OCR processing:  the Manual data input is time consuming and is the source of possible errors.Using MIA OCR and face image recognition to save significant time on these low value added tasks. Besides, you can improve the data integrity and quality.

Staffing forecasting: The salary cost constitute 20 to 80% of the expense budget according to the activity. Use MIA to optimize and manage your headcount thanks to the high-performant predictive analysis.


HR Recruitment:  MIA offers a solution to optimize the staffing using the predictive analysis. Use MIA to forecast the staffing requirements management and foresee, anticipate and optimize the expenses.

Customer security:  For a successful and secured event completion, MIA offers the prediction of illegal activity risk and the terrorism based to your data history.

Churn and retention rate prediction:  MIA helps you to anticipate the potential contract cancellation thanks to customer churn prediction, you would be able to set retantion plans.

Customer segmentation:  MIA supports you to increase the customer knowledge by valuing their characteristics to optimize the promotional targeting.

Mia Product lifecycle forecasting:  MIA helps you to identify the lifecycle of your products to anticipate the obsolency time and their production, It will help you to optimize your expenses.

Mia Pricing:  MIA helps you to label fairl- prices in yous products and predict the value according their duration, ensuring the profit maximization and the customer demand.

Mia Inventory optimization prediction:  Ask for MIA to qualify and organize better your data. It allows you to optimize stock according to the cost and consumer satisfaction.

Mia Diagnosis and pre-diagnosis help:  MIA supports you on the efficient decision making regarding the client diagnosis.

Mia Drug discovery and classification:  Anticipate the product approbation and rejection rate by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), and upgrade the drug discovery by identifying the market mismatches.

Mia Loan eligibility:  MIA helps you to predict the client loan eligibility rate analysis and an efficient potential purchasing scoring.

Mia Real estate assets pricing:  Ask for MIA for the real estate asset value over time. Then, get a significant competitive edge by labelling fair prices for your clients.

Mia maintenance and breakdown forecasting:  MIA supports you to set your machine proactive maintenance to anticipate the breakdowns by mobilizing your equipment capabilities.
Energy forecasting:  You would be able to provide the best promotional targeting based on the global pricing customer segmentation. This knowledge would help you to think ahead about energy usage.
Operation and Logistic optimization:  Ask for MIA to optimize the energy flow management according your needs, your data, and external criteria (weather, energy real time value)

Decision support:  For purposes of human error reduction and cost optimization, MIA supports you on the main decision making as the operating management from the checkpoint.

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